Task 3.4: Exposure modelling

Within work package 3 IOM leads Task 3.4, which focusses on exposure modelling. 

This task will concentrate on comparing and evaluating existing models/tools which estimate exposure to MNM. Comparisons will take place at the level of results obtained for given scenarios, as well as looking more in depth at the algorithms that support the tools and models.

IOM are also developing a nano-specific source-receptor model which could be used to make quantitative estimates of exposure. IOM's aim is to make this accessible to the wider community.

This task will make use of existing data as well as data generated within the project. In addition, we aim to carry out experiments to test and further calibrate the models. 

The ultimate aim of the task will be to develop guidance for users on the applicability of the different tools available. This will include advice on which tools should be used in which situations, as well as to make recommendations for tool developers on further work that could be done in order to facilitate improvement of their prediction capabilities.